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Why You Need to Pay Particular Attention to Estate Matters When a Loved One Is Nearing the End

by Rainier Van Der Harst

If you have a loved one who is very elderly and approaching the end of their life, you will obviously have to pay attention to their everyday needs and ensure that you make preparations for their passing. So that matters go ahead as smoothly as possible after that fateful day, you must also ensure that their last will and testament has been prepared carefully and conscientiously. Why is it particularly important that you oversee this process personally and what can happen if you don't?

What Can Go Wrong

It's unfortunate, but sometimes an elderly person does not have as much contact with their immediate family as they should and this can lead to less than scrupulous individuals trying to take advantage of their dying days. It's not unheard of, for example, for those with an ulterior motive to infiltrate the life of the elderly person by using some story or another. They can then seek to "steer" the feelings and views of the victim, so that a will is drawn up that significantly favours the troublemaker.

Why Will Kits May Be Problematic

Some people think that this is a lot easier due to the recent proliferation of software packages that seek to make the creation of a will a lot easier. These "will kits" can be secretly prepared so that they have full legal standing once signed and then submit them to the will maker for signature.

Engaging an Attorney

This situation would be very unlikely to arise if a qualified attorney was employed to oversee the entire will making procedure. They follow a detailed process that has been developed over generations and that helps with the clarity and content of the will and reduces the potential for any suspicious involvement. Of course, if close family members were more attentive then it would be more difficult for somebody with dark motives to come into the equation, at all.

The Importance of Conversations

Discuss the size of the remaining estate with the will maker and do not be afraid to question the status or even identity of any beneficiaries named. This is particularly important if your elderly relative is suffering from any mental incapacity as they near the end of their days.

Taking Appropriate Action

Make sure that you get involved proactively with the creation of a will and bring in an attorney at the earliest possible stage, to ensure that everything is very clear after your loved one passes.