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Is It Possible to Minimise Your Family Law Case's Legal Fees?

by Rainier Van Der Harst

Are you in the middle of a family law case, but you have some financial limitations? One of the best ways to get favourable results for your case is to work with a family lawyer. However, many people who need expert help choose to represent themselves because they don't have enough money to pay a family lawyer. Unknown to them, the little they have can go a long way in helping them win the case. This post will outline various ways you can manage the legal fees you incur and still get the services you require from a reputable family lawyer.

Hire a lawyer who charges a reasonable rate

Even if you have financial constraints, you can always find a family lawyer who offers a manageable billing rate. Some design a payment plan you can manage when you ask or can unbundle their services charge you for certain issues. So, instead of choosing not to hire a lawyer, consider discussing your issue with them and see if they can come with a favourable payment plan you can manage.

Avoid engaging the lawyer in unnecessary calls

Although it's advisable to seek the family attorney's expert advice in everything you do regarding your case, be sure to avoid contacting them unnecessarily. For instance, do not engage in lengthy aimless phone calls to bad-mouth the judge, system, spouse's lawyer, or spouse. Also, don't discuss other matters that aren't relevant to the case. It may feel great to vent, and your family lawyer will be obligated to listen, but you won't like it when you see the bill.

Assign some tasks to paralegals and legal assistants

Legal assistants and paralegals can also handle some tasks a lawyer does, such as preparing legal documents. The legal assistants will charge you for the service in billable hours, and their rate is lower. Your lawyer will tell you what's needed, and you'll assign the task to the support staff. Moreover, paralegals also know what the attorney requires, so they will offer quality work compared to what you can do on your own.

Handle everything on time

While you need to go to work, take care of your family, and handle other daily activities, be sure to create some time for your case. The family lawyer will need you to answer certain questions and review pleadings and return the documents in time. Failing to respond in time means that your case will drag on, and this will increase your expenses.